Bellavista Hotel

During the years of the so-called “Dolce Vita”, two young brothers, Luigi and Adriano Lorenzi, decided to turn their farmhouse in Gabicce Mare  into a proper accommodation facility, thus investing in the tourist sector. The neo-entrepreneurs had plenty of good ideas but few financial resources; for this reason, they decided to ask a friend of them, who lived in the nearby resort of Fiorenzuola di Focara, for a loan. After he had lent them the money they needed, they started restoring their house. .

Bellavista Inn was inaugurated in 1956; it gathered six bedrooms and two bathrooms distributed over two levels and could host up to 12 tourists. The welcoming and comfortable inn, which was embellished by a small garden grown by Gregorio, the father of the two, was situated in a privileged panoramic position and offered breathtaking views over the lush  promontory of Gabicce Monte and San Bartolo Park. The name “Bellavista” (wonderful view) drew inspiration from these outstanding landscapes.

This is the story of two genuine brothers from this land. Their adventure contributed to the development of a new type of tourism based on utmost resourcefulness and family values.

In 1960 the inn was substantially enlarged and the number of both bedrooms and beds doubled. The two hotel keepers became increasingly involved with tourism and started hosting considerable numbers of foreign visitors, which drove them to further enlarge their building. In the meantime the family widened: Luigi’s wife Lidia gave birth to Giovanna and Nunzio, while Adriano and Tina had two babies, Luca and Lucia.

During the years of the so-called “Tourist Boom”, Bellavista Inn turned into a real Hotel, and in 1972 it achieved its current size, gathering 4 floors and 70 bedrooms provided with private services and balcony.

Apart from the loan, the owners also had to pay their bills, the latter being the most widespread methods of payment in that kind of business transactions: at that time the most important thing was not to pay off debts but to keep one’s words.

Tourist flows increased as a result of the promotional campaigns carried out within the International trade fairs of the tourist sector. Adriano was appointed as the chairman of Gabicce Mare Hotel Keepers’ Association; he strove to plan new strategies and contributed to the establishment of the so-called Montemare Hotel Keepers’ Association.

In the early 80s, the first International Cycling Week was held here, which turned the city into the so-called “land of cyclists”. In the meantime Giovanna married Raul. In 1985 great celebrations were held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the hotel, and thousands of guests flocked here to express their personal impressions.

Over the course of the years, jobs were distributed on the basis of personal aspirations and skills. Women were responsible for both kitchen and restaurant, Luigi was assigned to grilling fish, Adriano kept on running the business, Nunzio managed the American Bar, Raul became the maître and Giovanna, Luca and Lucia constantly strove to offer guests high-quality services and facilities..

In 2000 the hotel underwent extensive renovation works and tourist services and facilities became even more accurate, such as security systems, air conditioning and TV in every bedroom.

In  2005  the hotel celebrated its fiftieth anniversary by acquiring the adjoining Capitol Hotel. The acquisition gave owners the possibility to build a swimming pool, a comfortable beauty centre and a well-equipped fitness centre.

Renovation works brought about the necessity to reassign jobs and competences: Luigi, Lidia and Tina left the management of the kitchen and restaurant to the younger Giovanna, Nunzio kept on operating the American Bar, Lucia inaugurated an ice-cream shop selling homemade delicacies and Luca started helping Adriano carrying out administration work. Over the course of the years, the Lorenzi Family has offered guests utmost hospitality and high-quality services and facilities, thus making them feel at home.

The "Big Lorenzi Family" is ready to welcome guests with utmost HOSPITALITY and to tell them: "Thank you for being with us".